Clickbooth allows a variety of traffic sources. The main sources of traffic that we allow are email, search, contextual and onsite traffic. Email marketing includes newsletters, email lists and list management. Search traffic includes all paid traffic sources including search engines, content network and media buys. Contextual traffic involves Pay Per View traffic which involves promoting via pop ups or pop unders. Onsite placement is when affiliates own their own websites and drive traffic to them organically.

Clickbooth also allows path placement on a case by case basis. This placement refers to the backend of an Email Submit Campaign, following a co-registration path in which a series of CPA offers are introduced on a link-out basis. The campaign description will state "Path Traffic Allowed" and "CPA Wall Allowed" for those offers that have been pre-approved for this traffic type.

Although we allow numerous different traffic sources at Clickbooth, we do not allow any incentivized traffic. This means that affiliates cannot offer any points or cash rewards to consumers for completing an action.