Clickbooth offers our Advertisers and Affiliates the opportunity to earn more through our referral program on the Performance Exchange. For every new client referred and accepted into our platform, you will earn a percentage of an advertiser or affiliate referral’s revenue for a set time period. 

So how do you start referring new clients to the Clickbooth Performance Exchange? It’s easy! Begin by logging into your Clickbooth account. 


Once logged in you will want to click on the three orange dots located near your account name in the top right hand corner. From the drop down choose ‘Referrals’. This section will be your go to for everything regarding earnings and monitoring the referrals you bring to the platform. 


In the top right you will see your referral link - this is unique to your account, and will track only your referrals. This is the link you will want to use every time you have someone sign up for the Performance Exchange. This is how we link those new accounts to you!  


When using your personal referral link, once the link is clicked on, it will take the person you have referred to a special signup page. From here, they can select which type of account they need (affiliate or advertiser) and continue to the signup process! 

Referral Tracking:


By default, we will show you all Active Referrals you currently have within the system.


If you’d like to see any referrals that may be expired, simply open the filter options and check the radio button that says ‘Show Expired Referrals’. 

Commissions for referrals will be paid out on the last business day of the month for the previous month's traffic. For example, you will be paid on May 31st for referral activity that occurred in the month of April.