As mobile internet usage increases by consumers, advertisers need to adapt with mobile optimized pages. Mobile compatibility improves offer performance, and therefore, increases interest by the publishers.

Top offers on the Clickbooth network have improved the consumer buying experience and campaign performance by implementing mobile device optimizations, including, but not limited to the following: 

  • Redirecting mobile users from a desktop page to it’s mobile device optimized equivalent - In some cases, this means simplifying the form and enlarging input fields.  In others, it's a reformatting of the offer flow to effectively improve the usability and friendliness of your site.  Please confirm your ability to detect device types and correctly display a device-optimized version of your landing page with your advertising consultant.  If you need help in the redirect process, please let us know.

  • Creative optimization - Avoid long subject lines in email (less than 30 characters is optimal), reduce email size to 20K or less, format email creatives to 320 X 427 pixels or less, and ensure your email/ad creative call-to-action and text links are clear and easy to press

Clickbooth also offers exciting targeting capabilities within our Cake tracking system! Advertisers are able to route traffic to specific landing pages based on a series of mobile rules. For example, we can create an iPhone Mobile Rule which would identify iPhone traffic and redirect users to the iPhone optimized page. Cake scans the inbound clicks and based on these predetermined Rules, it routes users to the corresponding offer.

Offers failing to adapt to the mobile environment will limit their likelihood for success in the network.  

Advertiser Benefits of Mobile Optimization:
• Ability to optimize and monetize leads on a granular level
• Ability to set different payouts for each target demographic
• Improved user experience

Mobile Optimization: What You're Doing Wrong & How To Fix It